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August 1, 2016

I Had A Wonderful Time

The boys in Eastend Mile have a very special announcement to make -- After over a year of writing, stressing, recording, and performing, we are excited to announce the release of our second full-length album - "I Had a Wonderful Time".

This music is very near and dear to our hearts, and in many ways it embodies the journey we've all taken as musicians. It features a host of collaborators and fellow musicians who just SLAY, and we're so happy to have them on board with us. A lot of people have worked patiently and tirelessly to make this dream of ours into a reality; for that, we are forever grateful. The collective works of this record could not have happened without you. The positivity and support we've garnered from our friends, family and fans over the past couple of years are the reasons that we keep creating.

"I Had a Wonderful Time" will be available on September 10th.

Since that's a little over a month away, we have a brand new single and music video to hold you over until then! The single will appear on the new album, while both the single and the music video are slated for release this Friday, August 5th. It's our first music video, so we're more than excited!

Still feeling impatient? I know we've been holding out on yinz for a long while. Good news: you can take a listen to our first album, "City Limits" on Spotify(also Google Play/Bandcamp/itunes) while you wait! Disclaimer: this first album is VERY different from what we are releasing throughout August and September. It's still us, though, and it's still for sure dope.


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Again, we're absolutely thrilled to finally be sharing this new music with all of you! Keep up with us as more and more of our alt-jazz fever comes around to the public.