About Us

Eastend Mile is an alternative jazz group dedicated to bringing a unique sonic experience melding innovation and self-expression to audiences.

Eastend Mile was formed in 2013 after Pittsburgh saxophonist Roger Romero and pianist Caleb Lombardi realized they shared a musical vision of creating a contemporary jazz sound for a new generation.

Equally influenced by artists like Robert Glasper and Brian Blade, the band recorded their first album, City Limits. After a short hiatus, musicians Dhruva Krishna and Chris “Tiggy” Thygesen joined the lineup adding a new, harder dimension to the band’s expanding sound.

In the summer of 2015, the band embarked on a six-city four-state tour of support of City Limits to rave reviews. This new lineup quickly honed their chops by pushing the sonic barriers of the group’s music by delving into their indie-rock, fusion, and hip-hop influences. Eastend Mile continues to perform across Pittsburgh and the northeast.

As always, Eastend Mile promises a radical new sound to all those willing to lend an ear.

Roger Romero


Roger has been playing and gigging jazz music since he was right around 11. He works to make the saxophone into a multi-dimensional extension of himself.

He was exposed to bands like Circa Survive and Lydia around the same time he was getting into monster players like Chris Potter, Kenny Garrett, and Chick Corea. His first love is pop music, so folks like Max Martin, Justin Timberlake and Panic! at the Disco are direct influences.

Roger is a first generation Dominican-American who was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in New Jersey. His entire family is filled with musicians, so picking up music was a natural thing. He moved to Pittsburgh, PA for college to study engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He's currently a proud Pittsburgh resident, working and gigging all around the city.

Caleb Lombardi


Surrounded by talent as a child, Caleb has been influenced by the power of music since the age of 7. After finding a calling in jazz, Caleb has devoted his time and effort to creating dynamic and powerful music.

With a background in pop and rock n roll, he’s found an ability to tastefully fuse the fundamentals and cultures of Jazz with his early influences. This is a staple of Caleb’s composing style. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Caleb was surrounded by the songwriting of Billy Joel and Elton John alongside the power and influence of pop stars like Michael Jackson. After moving to Pittsburgh is 2011 to pursue a career in film, he found a greater calling in performing. He hopes to continue his career pursuit in songwriting and film scoring.

Christoffer Thygesen


Hailing from the faraway lands of Menlo Park, California, Christoffer “Tiggy” Thygesen has been a musician for as long as he can remember. He started piano at age 5 but switched over to bass guitar in school ensembles and bands of his own over the years.

Christoffer discovered his particular affinity for rock early on through classics like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but his influences quickly grew to span funk, jazz, hip-hop, R&B and EDM and his eclectic taste manifests itself in his play with Eastend Mile. Christoffer is currently finishing a degree in mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduation, he plans to work as a data scientist, though he hopes to one day combine his music and math passions into the same career.

Dhruva Krishna


Dhruva Krishna is a multi instrumentalist whose passion is his music. Dhruva’s first love is drums, which he has played for over twelve years.

Dhruva began classical piano lessons at a young age, and quickly started picking other instruments along the way. He picked up his first set of drum sticks when he was eight, and soon became obsessed with the instrument. He became enamored with the bombastic drummers of the sixties, like Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, and Mitch Mitchell along with the showmanship of jazz legends like Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa.

Outside of Eastend Mile, Dhruva creates his own original music, which stems from his love of country and folk music. He's currently studying at CMU and hopes to dedicate his time fully to music after college.